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Waste water purification

T & K Service is innovative and always interested in the best solution for environmental contaminations. With regard to in-situ decontamination we have common ground with waste water purification, that we wish to make use of. For in-situ decontamination we produce large quantities of very small highly concentrated ozone bubbles that remain active in the soil for an exceptionally long time and do not escape from the groundwater.

This approach is one-on-one deployable for degradation of the COD in waste water and thus generates savings. In addition, by using this simple/robust treatment step, a variety of contaminations can be removed from waste water. We would like to show the efficiency of these techniques on your waste water by means of this pilot installation.

The benefits

  • Saving on discharge costs by reducing COD
  • Simple and robust technique, useable for different contaminations

Other applications

  • Crop protection and increase of crop production
  • Keeping fish and crustaceans fresh longer
  • Combating blue-green algae

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