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Company profile

T & K Service is an innovative company with knowledge of and experience in soil, air, and water purification. We offer you a solution for your environmental problems.

You may expect a lot from us! We are keen on challenges and would like to collaborate with you in order to achieve the best result for your project. Our expertise covers the following working areas:

Professional team

T & K Service consists of a professional and committed team. In consultation with you and the competent authorities, we ensure a total solution.

Using a fixed network of specialists and the best methods, we can offer the most effective approach of your environmental problem.

Established in 1995

T & K Service was established with the aim to design, build and exploit water purification installations and soil decontamination installations.

Meanwhile, the working area covers the sectors air, water and soil. We offer efficient solutions for environmental problems. Thanks to the trust and the appreciation of our customers, we have become an established name in the area of environmental problems.

Our customers include provinces, councils, branch organisations, industry, consultancy firms and contractors.

Contact details

Postal address
Spijkerboor 56
8607 KC  Sneek

Office and workplace address
De Loads 3
8447 GP  Heerenveen

+31 515 433991

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