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Chemical oxidation of contaminations

If quick results are required or when the biological approach could use additional support, then chemical oxidation could be the solution.

We carry out direct soil injections using chemical oxidators:

  • Permanganate; a very effective oxidator for chlorinated solvents. 
  • Activated persulfate; a very powerful oxidator for chlorinated solvents and oil products (petrol, etc.).

In case of direct soil injections, we guarantee that the oxidators will be applied meticulously into the contaminated zone. Once the oxidators have been applied, permanganate and activated persulfate will remain active for a few more months, as a result of which the reaction with the contamination can take place within this period of time.

T & K Service also offers treatments with other oxidators:

  • Modified Fenton’s
  • Ozon

These oxidators can be applied cost-efficiently for either small or large contaminated locations.

Modified Fenton’s

Modified Fenton’s is the strongest oxidator and therefore suitable for the removal of virtually any contamination. We create modified Fenton’s at the location by mixing the basic raw materials. Once mixed, the reaction will start, that produces powerful radicals for the oxidising functioning. A process that will last for several hours.


Oxidation by use of ozone is a gas-based oxidation process. Ozone is a strong oxidator that is created from oxygen extracted from the air.
Our ozonisation process distinguishes itself from the process where ozone, diluted in air, is blown into the soil. As a consequence of this process, evaporation of the contamination can take place, while residual concentrations of ozone can escape. T & K Service produces large quantities of very small highly concentrated ozone bubbles that remain active in the soil for an exceptionally long period of time and do not escape from the groundwater. This approach is much more effective, as evaporation of the contamination and of residual concentrations of ozone are being avoided.

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