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Biological approach of oil products

Petrol, diesel, solvents, virtually all oil-based chemicals are biodegradable under aerobe conditions, if the proper bacteria and nutrients are available. We add bred bacteria and nutrients and ensure the required oxygen to make an accelerated degradation process of the contamination possible. With our biological technology, 90 % of charges rebate is achieved within 1 year. The challenge in the degradation process is to apply oxygen, nutrients and bacteria everywhere in the contaminated area without that being a nuisance to the users of the relevant terrain.

For a project in Mildam, Friesland, T & K Service acquired the assignment to treat petrol contamination underneath residential homes. By pumping concentrated oxygen, nutrients and bacteria, the required conditions were created for the biological process, without causing any nuisance or stench of petrol fumes. The decontamination process took place entirely underground without the residents noticing.

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